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  • Ontario boat sales & storage
  • Muskoka boat repairs and rentals
  • Full service marinas at three Muskoka locations
  • Marine accessories & equipment
  • Huge selection of new & used boats
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Woodland Marine Group offers three locations to serve you, Skeleton Lake Marina, Woodland Marine Service and Windermere Marina.

Here at Woodland Marine, we believe in offering our clients the best solutions for their boating needs. Whether it is new or used boat sales, boat rentals, mechanical boat issues, or winter storage, we can help you out. Our three marinas are placed across the Muskoka Lakes so that they are easily accessible for all cottagers, and we even have on water service at our lakeside marinas. So if you are looking for a new marina to service your boat or store your boat over the winter that also offers a complete solution to all your boating needs, look no further!

If you are looking for a new or used boat for this upcoming summer boating season, please stop by to check out our full line of boats and watercraft. We carry many different makes and models, including Larson, Starcraft, Mercury and more. If you are looking for a new family boat, please give us a call to see what we have available. Not only do we sell boats, but we also offer full service mechanical work for boats at our marinas. We provide our clients with a complete solution for all of their boating needs.


  • Sales, service, parts, accessories, rentals and detailing
  • Indoor/outdoor boat storage, winterizing and shrink-wrapping
  • On-water service available at your cottage/boat house
  • Pickup and delivery available
  • Fuel


We Proudly Sell and Service:

  • Larson Boats
  • Starcraft Marine
  • Mercury Marine
  • ARGO Amphibious Vehicles

Our Service:

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing V.I.P. customer service to everyone we deal with. Whether you are in need of a major repair, parts, new or used boats, accessories, rentals and water taxi service. You can be assured that all of your recreational needs are met and expectations exceeded. We care!

Then And Now

At Woodland Marine we have always prided ourselves on our high level of customer service. For over 50 years we have been proudly serving boaters of the Muskoka district for all of their boating needs. Over the years we have grown considerably and have expanded to three different locations across the Muskoka's to better serve our clients. Whether our customers are looking to buy a new or used boat, winterize and store their boats for the off season, or if their boat needs a marine mechanic for a tune up or repairs, we will be here to help.

Skeleton Lake Marina is now into its second half century of operation in the Muskoka region. Since 1957 when Jack Macpherson purchased and converted an old sawmill with boathouse into the marina this facility has had a sizable number of boat sales, performed a lot of boat repairs and pumped a huge volume of marine gas. Two other owners operated the Ontario marina before current owner Brian McComb purchased it and replaced the old structure in 2007 with the modern and sizeable boat and motor showroom, offices and retail facility now on the site. There were only a couple of boats with motors on the Muskoka lake 52 years ago and most gas sales in those days were to truckers. Skeleton Lake Road 3 did not even exist until some years later.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that in the late 1950s there were less than 250 cottages around Skeleton Lake, some of which were built in the 1920s and 1930s. Today there are approximately 500 cottages around the Muskoka lake and more are being constructed every year.

Cottage rental vacations in Muskoka are a terrific summer getaway for the family, but what good is it to be lakeside without any way of fully enjoying the water? We offer boat and Seadoo rentals to make sure that you and your family can get the most out of your summer vacation. Whether you want a comfortable boat for site seeing, a fishing boat, or something a little faster for skiing and other water sports, we can help you out. We have a full range of available rental boats at both of our on-water marinas, located on Skeleton Lake and Lake Rosseau. In addition to boat rentals, we have a large selection of water sports equipment available for rent.

In 1968 David Ivey bought his first power boat from the Skeleton Lake marina. It was a 14' Chrysler, together with a 75 hp. Chrysler outboard motor and he recalls paying about $2400. all in ... since there was nothing like GST at the time. Direct comparisons with today's product offerings are nearly impossible, but it's fair to say that even a remotely similar boat and motor would likely cost about $12000. today ... and that’s before tax. The biggest difference, of course is in the cost of gas, which roughly 40 years ago was selling for less than $.50 per gallon.

We are resuming the Skeleton Lake Marina name at our property located on Skeleton Lake Road 3 just off Highway 141 West. Until now we’ve been operating this facility as the Woodland Marina. We chose that name when we purchased and re-built the marina site. We recognized that restoring the former name, which had been in use on this site for 50 years, demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a long tradition in serving our many friends and clients on Skeleton Lake and the surrounding Muskoka area.

New Logo

Our logo for Skeleton Lake Marina has been revised to reflect the same style that is used both for our other Ontario marinas, the Windermere Marina and Woodland Marine, our dry land service, parts and storage facility. Each of these three units is a member of the Woodland Marine Group.

New Gas Docks

We have re-positioned our fuel dock at Skeleton Lake, Ontario. The marina fuel dock will be located on the outside finger dock closest to the Skeleton Lake public boat launch area. Clients can easily tie up to the new dock to buy gas or visit our store even on the windiest day. We will also be building a kiosk for our helpful marine gas attendant at the end of our new gas dock. Payments can be made right at your boat, using our new wireless system. We will work very hard to maintain competitive fuel pricing. Please remember that store and gas charge accounts for families are available and we will remain open later on Fridays.

To improve your re-fuelling experience at Windermere Marina we have moved one of our gas pumps to the end of the first dock closest to Tobin’s. This will provide you with three fuel docks, allowing for easier and faster fill ups and will eliminate the usual congestions that happens directly in front of the Windermere Marina building on busy and windy summer days. Payment from your boat will be easy using either our new wireless system or customer charge accounts.

Fueling up your boat can be a hassle. The drive into town to fill jerry cans takes time out of your day on the water, and hoisting up the jerry cans to pour the gasoline into your boat can put extra strain on your back, tiring you out so you can't fully enjoy your boat. To avoid these problems in filling up your boat, bring it out to the on-water fuel pumps at one of our Muskoka Marinas. We have staff at the pumps to fill up your boat, taking all of the work out of it for you, giving you nothing but pleasure from your pleasure craft! Our staff are well trained, leading to fewer gasoline spills in the water, and proper clean ups if a spill does occur. By bringing your boat to the Woodland Marine fuel pumps you take all of the hassle of fueling your boat, and you help to ensure the safety of the environment by minimizing fuel spills. It's a win win scenario!

The Woodland Marine Group, a family of Ontario marinas located in the heart of Muskoka, is THE source for marine products, new boat sales, used boat sales, marine service, boat accessories, boat rentals and boat storage in Muskoka. With three convenient Muskoka marine locations to serve you, look to Woodland Marine Group for all your boating needs and step aboard some of the exciting new 2012 and 2013 models from boat manufacturers like Larson and Starcraft. You can check out the Larson and Starcraft line up at our Skeleton Lake location, a full service marina on the shores of Skeleton Lake. Just 15 minutes north of Bracebridge, on Highway 141, Skeleton Lake Marina's sales office and new boat and marine supply showroom are open all year long for your convenience. Skeleton Lake Marina, like our other "on the water" marina; Windermere on Lake Rosseau, also offers a wide selection of the newest and best boats for rent in Muskoka. Our watercraft rental fleet includes aluminum fishing boats, pontoon boats, luxury bowriders, water ski equipment, tubes and much more.

The Muskoka region is an incredibly popular vacation destination, not only for local cottagers, but for visiting tourists staying in rental cottages. Although there are many local attractions to enjoy, the best way to spend your holiday week or weekend in the Muskokas is out on the water in a rental boat or sea-doo. We offer watercraft rentals at all of our on the water marina locations across Muskoka. Boats available for rental include luxury boats, personal watercrafts, fishing boats and pontoon boats. If you are looking for a weekend boat rental, look no further than Woodland Marine.

The summer months are not the same without a boat to call your own. At Woodland Marine, we carry a large variety of new and used boats for sale, to cater to all of our clients. Boats can often be a pricey investment, so going for a used boat can be more economical for most people. All of our used boats for sale are certified by our in house licensed mechanics, and are guaranteed to bring your family hours of fun in the summer sun. So if you are looking for quality used boats for sale, look no further than Woodland Marine to meet your needs.

Windermere Marina, located at 2526 Windermere Road on Lake Rosseau, is a full service marina that is less than a minute's walk from Windermere House, a historic Muskoka hotel and landmark. Open May to October; this Muskoka marina on Lake Rosseau carries a wide range of new boats, used boats, and recreational products by quality manufacturers like Starcraft, Mercury Marine, Kavalk Boats, and ARGO Amphibious Vehicles. Windermere Marina also has a great selection of watercraft and boats for rent. We offer boat repairs, parts and service, seasonal dockage and water taxis. For your convenience, Windermere Marina also has a variety store, gift shop and Windy's Internet Cafe. Contact our Lake Rosseau marina to book individual water sport lessons with all equipment provided, available for waterskiing, wakeboarding and knee boarding.

Storing and winterizing your boat for the off season can be a hassle for boat owners. If winterization is not done correctly in the fall than the results can be disastrous on your boat. By letting professionals take care of the work, you avoid the headache and risks involved. You can rest easy knowing that your boat is in seasoned hands that know how to get the job done properly. We offer several different boat storage and winterization packages for our customers in order to meet all of their needs. All of our service technicians are fully licensed and have years of experience in marine service and maintenance.

Winterizing your boat properly is extremely important. When the temperature drops below the freezing point, any residual water that is left in your boat will freeze. The water then expands as it solidifies, and this causes an increase in pressure in the lines which can damage your boat. Every year, many people have to replace waterlines systems and bilge pumps because of improper winterization. When we provide winterization service, we ensure that all water it taken out of the boat's systems and that there will be no freezing in the lines causing damage.

When winter recedes and the warm weather rolls in, it comes time to take your boat out of marina storage. We know that your boat is your ticket to having a great summer season, and we strive to make sure that when you come to pick your boat up in the spring after its winter storage it will be ready to go. Our services like available heated boat storage and full boat cleaning help to ensure that when you come to grab your boat in the spring, it is in pristine condition and running perfectly. You depend on your boat to provide your family with a fun season, so you need dependable winter boat storage.

Larson boats are one of the best made ski and recreational boats on the market today. For many years they have maintained a standard of quality that is unrivaled in the marine industry, making Larson boats one of the best selling boat lines in Canada. Just ask someone who owns one and you will see that Larson boat owners remain loyal to the brand. If you are looking for a new boat to cruise around the Muskoka lakes, or a ski boat for some family fun on the water, come and check out our large line of Larson recreational boats and see if they are right for you and your family.

Mercury Motors has long been one of the most trusted brands in boat engines. Their engine quality and value have lead them to be an industry leader, and one of the most well known boat engines on the water. At Woodland Marine we carry an extensive variety of Mercury Marine products, including their outboard motors, inboard-outboard engines, propellers and more. If you are interested in purchasing a Mercury Marine product for your boat, please feel free to contact us at any of our marinas.

For our customers' convenience, Woodland Marine has two lakeside marine locations in Muskoka; our full service waterfront marina facilities on Lake Rosseau and on Skeleton Lake. At both of our on-water marinas we offer an extensive line up of marine products and services, including boat cleaning, storage, and new & used boat sales. In addition to Skeleton Lake Marina and Windermere Marina on Lake Rosseau, a third marina, Woodland Marina is located just off Hwy. 131. We strive to offer our clients top quality service, and complete customer satisfaction. With three different locations to serve you better, Woodland Marine is there to take care of all of your boating needs.

Because your boat sits in water, it can have hull osmosis water migration problems or galvanic attack of metal fittings.Your boat requires specialized mechanical service and maintenance that only a certified marine mechanic can provide. Servicing and repairing marine engines takes a different skill set than what is required to work on other types of motors and engines. By example, only marine engines have zincs for galvanic attack protection. When your boat needs service, it is important to trust it to a marina with licensed certified boat mechanics, who have had years of experience in building and repairing boats and motors. If your boat or motor is under warranty, it is important that you use a mechanic trained and certified for your brand.The last thing that you want to have happen when you are out boating is for your engine to break down, leaving you stranded. At Woodland Marine we have onsite licensed mechanics who will maintain your boat or fix any issue you may be having.

When buying a new boat, you want to make sure that the new or used boat dealer that you are dealing with is also able to service your boat for you, and also store it for the winter. Finding an all-in-one boat service marina can make the process of buying and owning a boat much easier for you. At Woodland Marine, we are more than happy to not only sell you your new boat, but also to take care of servicing it and providing winter boat storage.

Muskoka is famous for its numerous lakes, including some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, and it is also one of the most travelled summer vacation spots in Ontario. To get the most out of your lakeside vacation in Muskoka you need a boat. At Woodland Marine we offer boat rentals in Muskoka and have many different kinds of watercraft available for rent. Whether you are looking for a fishing boat, ski boat or just a relaxing boat to cruise around the Muskoka Lakes, we have a good selection of rental boats available for you to choose from.

For our customers' convenience, Woodland Marine has two lakeside marine locations in Muskoka; our full service waterfront marina facilities on Lake Rosseau and on Skeleton Lake. At both of our on-water marinas we offer an extensive line up of marine products and services, including boat cleaning, storage, and new & used boat sales. In addition to Skeleton Lake Marina and Windermere Marina on Lake Rosseau, a third marina, Woodland Marina is located just off Hwy. 131. We strive to offer our clients top quality service, and complete customer satisfaction. With three different locations to serve you better, Woodland Marine is there to take care of all of your boating needs.

Because it runs on water, if your boat requires mechanical service or maintenance, it takes a more specific skill set than in dealing with any other mechanics. When your boat needs service, it is important to trust it to licensed boat mechanics, who have had years of experience in building and repairing boats. The last thing that you want to have happen when you are out boating is for your engine to break down, leaving you stranded. You can avoid this unfortunate scenario by always having your boat looked at by a professional boat mechanic. At Woodland Marine we have on site licensed mechanics to work on your boat to fix any issue you may be having.

Showing up to the cottage on a Friday afternoon and finding that the boat won't start is never fun. Suddenly, all of your family plans for the weekend are put on hold as you have to find someone to come out and take care of your boat repairs. This scenario is a boat owner's worst nightmare, which is why it is always important to practice pre-emptive mechanical boat service and have your boat inspected before it goes out into the water. If you have your boat stored with us at Woodland Marine, our certified boat mechanics will make sure that your boat is in tip top shape by the time it hits the water in the spring, and this can help prevent any unwanted boat trouble.

In addition to our large lineup of new and used boats for sale, we also offer amphibious ATVs. We are an exclusive dealer for ARGO Amphibious Vehicles, which are perfect for both utility and recreational purposes. These all terrain vehicles offer exceptional handling and mobility on land, while also giving you the ability to traverse water. They make the perfect vehicle for getting out to back-woods campsites and hunting grounds, providing transportation for up to six people plus equipment. For more information on our ATV sales, please contact any of our offices.

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